We like to invest a little extra time with a new client. This extra time is spent listening to what they EXPECT, what they want moving forward and what their perspective is about the service they are requesting.

We’ve noticed a surge in new bookkeeping clients. Bookkeeping is customarily data entry based on statements and receipts provided by the client. Seems straight forward enough.

When asking new clients why they want to switch bookkeepers, we are hearing the same answers. There is a desire for more conversation to have questions answered and customized reports to help the client with business development decisions. These reports vary from weekly to quarterly and we are happy to accommodate these requests and return phone calls and emails to make sure there is a full understanding.

Why we are in conversation is in our name – we tell our clients:

“We want to help you Mind Your Own Business!
You are hiring us to assist you in the best way for you, so YOU can make decisions for your business.”

It is very exciting for us to celebrate success with our valued clients who entrust us to help with their administration and operation support services. Let us know how we can help you mind your own business better.