Connecting with Customers On Social Media

Connecting with Customers On Social Media

Social media provides a great way of connecting with potential clients and customers. However, if you don’t know where to begin, the task can feel overwhelming. It’s important to start off by figuring out your business’s target audience. For example, who would benefit from your services the most, and how old are they? Once you establish the target demographic, you can make decisions about the best social media platform for communication.

Communication can start with monitoring the feedback received from customers on your social media pages. Thank them for taking the time to reach out. If you receive negative feedback, reach out to them personally, and ask what you can do to improve the situation. This is also an opportunity to ask clients and customers what they like about the services you have to offer, and ask questions to encourage engagement with your business.

Once you have established client and customer connections, it’s important to maintain them. Always follow up on customer feedback. If you haven’t heard from a customer in a while, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask how they’ve been; as well as giving them a brief update on services they might like to use in the future.

At MYOB, we manage communication for our clients. We’ve been growing their social media to multiple platforms to expand the reach, crafting their monthly newsletters to provide business updates during COVID-19, and refreshing their websites to ensure messaging is strong and consistent throughout. We’d love to hear some of the ways you’re connecting with customers at this time. Tag us on social media @MYOBVA on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share your stories!

Sharing The Right Information

Sharing The Right Information

The Internet and social media have made the sharing and distribution of information a lot easier than it once was. You can share something with two clicks of a mouse, and no research at all. As easy as it seems, a lack of research can land you in unexpected trouble.

There has been an image circulating around Facebook that claims Author Dean Koontz predicted the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness. Though the image appears convincing enough, it was proven that he did not predict the virus. If you find yourself questioning the validity of a claim,  helps to point out what is true and false within it. If you are worried about a website’s credibly as a whole, provides insights into various news sources.

Trending images on Facebook always need more than one look. You should also pay close attention to any articles you decide to share. At first glance they will look credible, but it’s important to take note of the website domain name, and whether you can find other examples of the authors published work; as well as whether they have an easily found and professional point of contact . Proper spelling and punctuation are also an indication of an article’s validity.

Have you ever felt like you’ve seen a post before, but can’t figure out where? is a website and Chrome extenstion that allows you to check when and where else an image has been shared across social media. This can help determine how old a source is, and the original context in which it was used.

Why should you fact check what you share on social media? Sharing misinformation can create a lack of trust between yourself and your intended audience. Along with the tools and practices mentioned above, use your best judgement. If a story or post appears a bit fishy, shocking or too good to be true, it likely is.




Are You Prepared for a Customer Complaint?


Eventually, you will have an unhappy customer who calls to complain.  Sometimes it is a misunderstanding that can be explained quickly and sometimes the customer has resisted complaining for quite some time and has finally reached the limit of their patience.

In all cases, listening to the full explanation is critical before responding.

Recently, I called the local newspaper to complain about my delivery service.  The delivery had been unacceptable for three months and I finally reached the limit of my patience.

The customer service representative was CLEARLY reading responses to me, starting with “I’m sorry you are having this problem” followed by a scripted response.

I asked two questions:  Does your newspaper still promise delivery before 7 a.m.?  Do I have a new delivery person?  The response was complete silence, presumably while the representative was searching for the answer to read to me.

I was offered the digital version of the newspaper for the day that I called, but I CLEARLY explained my complaint was not just about TODAY, but about the LAST THREE MONTHS.

Perhaps this was not in the handbook of canned responses because I got silence again.

Finally, I said “please note my file that I have complained about my service” and ended the call.

I left the experience with more aggravation than I began.  Now I am considering cancelling my service entirely.

Hopefully your front line customer service team is sincerely devoted to customer retention.

If you have an unhappy customer:

First, listen carefully.

Second, apologize and repeat back what you understand the problem to be.

Third, if the solution is not obvious, it’s OK to ask the customer what outcomes they would like to see.  In my example, I wanted two things – a note on the file that delivery was not acceptable, and moving forward, delivery daily by 7 a.m.

Fourth, offer to touch base in the near future to make sure that the problem is solved.

Show you actually care and are not just hiring people to read scripted answers.  Make sure that your website has a place where your customers can write to you and then make sure the emails are monitored and a response sent in a timely manner.

At Mind Your Own Business, we can help with solutions to help you mind your own business better.

It’s In The Name



We like to invest a little extra time with a new client. This extra time is spent listening to what they EXPECT, what they want moving forward and what their perspective is about the service they are requesting.

We’ve noticed a surge in new bookkeeping clients. Bookkeeping is customarily data entry based on statements and receipts provided by the client. Seems straight forward enough.

When asking new clients why they want to switch bookkeepers, we are hearing the same answers. There is a desire for more conversation to have questions answered and customized reports to help the client with business development decisions. These reports vary from weekly to quarterly and we are happy to accommodate these requests and return phone calls and emails to make sure there is a full understanding.

Why we are in conversation is in our name – we tell our clients:

“We want to help you Mind Your Own Business!
You are hiring us to assist you in the best way for you, so YOU can make decisions for your business.”

It is very exciting for us to celebrate success with our valued clients who entrust us to help with their administration and operation support services. Let us know how we can help you mind your own business better.

Service for The Customer

Does your company have a Customer Service policy? Or does your company respond to what the Customer would like? At Mind Your Own Business, we spend time with our customers during the “Meet and Greet” at the beginning of our relationship, to find out what communication and processes will serve them best – you could say a custom approach to Customer service. After all, it’s about the customer!

We have been experiencing huge growth in the bookkeeping area of our business services and when we ask the new customer what was lacking in their previous service, the answers are becoming familiar. We hear that some other companies don’t answer the phone, are slow to return calls, accept the questions and don’t respond with clear answers and are unclear about billing.

Some customers want each email acknowledged, while others would go crazy with this additional activity in their inbox. Therefore, a customer’s expectation and expressed wishes become the foundation for being able to provide superior “customer service”.

Are your customers feeling like they are getting the best customer service? If not, they might be our next new client.

Nurturing Virtual Relationships

Why do we go to networking events and rent Vendor booths at tradeshows? Obviously, we want to make personal contact with potential customers and grow our business!

What do you do with all the business cards you collect in the bowl for people who tried to win your door prize? Since you do not have express permission to send them mass emails, newsletters and promotions, do you just “hope” they call?

Some creative ways to express interest in your potential customers is to Like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. They will notice that you are initiating interaction with their business and many will respond and stay in touch with you as well. You need to be timely!

Next, you need to make sure your social media accounts are fresh and exciting and evolving with your business offerings and continuing to promote your products or services. Keep your audience.

Sounds time consuming? Worthwhile activities do take time, effort and expertise.

That’s another reason to engage the services of a Virtual Administrator – to help look after your fans and followers. We can help you market your business in cyberspace and follow up with the humans you have met and wish to keep in a business relationship.

We can help you Mind Your Own Business BETTER.